What to wear

These are only suggestions to help achieve the best images possible. If you have a question please feel free to take a full-length selfie and message it to us.

Before choosing a wardrobe, you must know your vision for the photo. Do you want fun and casual? Do you want classic and timeless? This will aid in your wardrobe selection. Choose a fashion style that represents you or your family not one that just imitates.

Individual Portraits:

• Solid colored clothing works best to bring focus to the face. If a pattern is worn, it should be soft so it does not distract from the final image. Children’s character attire should not be worn as they are usually busy, flashy, or faded. Be careful with bling, it can cause glare if a flash is used.

• Muted tones tend to flatter the body and keep the focus again on you and not your clothes. Bright colors (especially reds, oranges, and yellows) project and tend to be unflattering in photos.

• Avoid all black and all white clothing. These colors can detract from the details of the image. Details tend to get lost in blacks and may present problems of separation from background and subject matter. White can make hotspots and blow out parts of the photo.

• Textured clothing is fine when minimized.

• When choosing separates (top and bottom), choose similar tones for both. If one is light and the other dark, the body will appear unproportioned and unflattering.

• Short or longer sleeves flatter the arms and keeps attention focused on your face.

• Choose footwear and clothing that are comfortable for you. We enjoy taking walking, sitting, and standing photos. There is nothing worse that when your feet hurt or something is tugging so tightly that you have a scowl on your face. A long skirt or pants help maintain the face as a focal point. If you choose to wear a shorter dress or skirt, it should be just above the knee and allow you to sit comfortably while keeping modest. Flowing fabrics can make for nice poses. For guys wearing a suit jacket, make sure it can be buttoned. If standing, it should be buttoned, if sitting, it should be unbuttoned.

• Footwear and socks should be dark (unless it’s a barefoot photo on the beach or park) and compliment the outfit. Light footwear and socks detract from the image diverts focus off the face.

• Accessories increase variety in images. Jackets, hats, scarves, etc. are welcomed but be aware of patterns and heavy textures. Try to follow the same guidelines above about muted tones and solid colors. Jewelry should be simple and minimalistic as to not draw attention away from your face. If you decide to wear a jacket, hat or scarf for a group photo, be sure to coordinate your choices with the group.

• Hair and make-up should be done the way you would normally do it. This will cause your portrait to again represent you.

• Plan ahead!

     • If you are getting a haircut or a new hairdo, make your appointment at least two weeks prior to your portrait session. Fresh haircuts rarely look their best right after they are done. 

     • Approximately one week prior to your session, choose your clothing and examine it closely. Are there any stains? Does it need to be dry-cleaned or mended? Does your favorite outfit that makes your eyes (or the kid’s eyes) pop still fit? Does the outfit flatter you the way you want it to? For group photos, do the color selections coordinate and complement one another? Doing this ahead of time will help you be relaxed and look your best for your photo session.

Group Portraits:

The above items under individual pertain to group portraits also. Use them along with the following.

• Choose 1-3 colors to work with. Choose ones with similar tones that complement the color palette. For example: dark green, navy, and burgundy – all dark jewel tones, or tan, a lighter olive green, and denims – all lighter, softer tones. Your face should be the focus of the image, not your clothing. Ever wonder why wedding party photos look so stunning? They look stunning because they are wearing the same or complementary colors making them stand out rather than their clothes.

Newborn, Infants, and Children:

Use the same suggestions above under individual portraits.

• Newborns may be wrapped in stretch wrap blankets in addition to their attire. Other props may be used also such as angel wings and halo.

• Photo sessions with newborns, infants, and children may take a little longer than the scheduled session due to taking a break or attempting to catch them looking at the camera, waiting out fussiness, etc. There will not be any extra charges should this occur. Please understand that TKR Photography will do their best to capture stunning images. Some of the images may be candid in style as children do not always do what you want. You can assist in this process by having a conversation with them prior to the session, if they are old enough to grasp the concept that this is important to you. Have a special treat planned after the photo session so you can reward them for doing an excellent job. Tell them the photographer will be asking them to do certain things and they should comply. We can use your chosen reward to help encourage them to do well during the session.

• Bring a few favorite toys, snacks, and water or juice. The toys can assist in getting their attention and may also be used for props. The snacks can help reward and keep the child focused. Think about it; your focus drops when you are hungry or thirsty. They are not any different.

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