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When you work with the one you love, it is not work but a delight. We have truly found something that we both enjoy. We have over 40 years of experience in photography. In 2016 we used photography to fund our mission trip to China. That was the beginning of TKR Photography, LLC and the rest is history. Below are things to help us connect with one another. 

Eight things about Tammy:

1. Counselor by day, photographer on weekends. I live for weekends.

2. I love getting to spend time taking photographs with my husband.

3. I can resist anything but kitties, especially abandoned ones, oh, and of course  chocolate, and carbs, and so on . . . 

4. A dolphin is my spirit animal. I would have one, if I could.

5. I have a kitchen only because it came with the house.

6. I make up silly songs / tunes because I'm happy.

7. I talk to myself all the time but I try hard not to argue. I don't like fighting and I don't want to lose an argument.

8. I will forever be white. I do not tan. When I wear shorts, you may want to wear your sunshades.

Eight things about Ken:

1. I am a gamer. Miniature wargames are my favorite.

2. I am a gamer. I like to play wargames on the computer.

3. Did I say, I am a gamer?

4. If I'm not working or playing a game, I'm taking photos.

5. I like anything sci-fi.

6. I prefer cats over dogs, although our two dogs are trying to win me over.

7. Rather than saying, "Smile" when taking photographs, I say, "Think happy thoughts."

8. I enjoy spending time with my wife, even if it is just watching TV.


Meet Tammy and Ken

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