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A Family Affair . . . Toyin & Bobby

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That’s exactly what happened when Toyin met Bobby on Thanksgiving Day 4 years ago. Toyin went to her sister’s for their Thanksgiving celebration and Bobby went to his brother’s. Yep, our bride and groom are not only sisters and brothers but sister-in-laws and brother-in-laws as well now.

Toyin and Bobby chose a quaint venue nestled among beautiful trees. The ceremony was held in the 100-year-old chapel with the reception in the on property cottage. The venue also has an outdoor area but in the middle of July, we were all seeking indoors with the A/C on full blast.

Toyin and Bobby involved family throughout the ceremony. Their children, brother, sister, and grandchild made up the wedding party. The matron of honor was, of course, the bride’s sister. The officiant was none other than the groom’s oldest brother. The best man was the groom’s son. The remaining bride’s maids and groomsmen were the groom’s daughter, the bride’s son and future daughter-in-law, the groom’s grandson and the flower girl a cousin to the bride.

The two chose a variation of the unity candle, the unity sand ceremony, to join their two families together. Each took their colored sand from individual vases and combined them into one. They even left some for their children to poor into the vase.

After the ceremony, the venue allows the newly weds to ring the wedding bell notifying that a union has taken place.

Toyin and Bobby will take their vows seriously. They are both looking forward to “a lifetime of happiness and becoming one in the eyes of God.” They love spending time together watching movies / TV, eating out, and taking road trips. Jokes and family gatherings, like the family game night, lighten the difficult times.

Congratulations to Toyin and Bobby! May your life together be everything that you desire.


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