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So You've Booked Your Photographer, What's Next?

Unless you are getting married, the next thing you begin to think about is your wardrobe choice for your photos. Ever wonder why wedding photos look so great? It's because they coordinate their wardrobe. There's many dos and don'ts out there but let's discuss what can make your photo a timeless classic.

The key is coordinate not match. Wedding parties are especially known for this and it provides a great example of how your photos can look when the outfits are coordinated. Let's keep it simple by picking three colors of which one should be a neutral. Remember, you are coordinating colors and not clothing pieces. Color choices should compliment the environment the photos will be taken in. Coordinates should be within the same tonal family (light with light; dark with dark). Pairing opposite tones accentuates parts of the body that can be less flattering.

Add a pop of color. This works best through accessories as brighter clothing colors project and can make you look less flattering. Your eye is naturally drawn to the brighter color when looking a the photo. If you have on brightly colored pumps, the viewer's eye will be drawn to your feet or on the hips if a skirt or pants. That's probably not where you want their eye to go.

Patterns and layers add texture. Simple is best. When patterns are overwhelming they steal the focal point away from you. When group photos are being done, patterns can make you stand out from the rest of the group. Hats, coats, shawls, scarfs, etc. add a nice touch to the photo without being overwhelming.

Minimize the amount of skin shown. Formal photos provide many lessons and length is one of those. Ladies will have a more flattering photograph when skirts / dresses are below the knee. Plus this length will usually add some flow to the outfit and you can do poses slightly tugging on it to create movement. Pant work best for the guys. Again, bare skin showing takes away from your face.

Socks and shoes need to blend. This is mainly for the guys. Darker shoes and socks will blend right in to the photo. There may be a time when bare feet are okay, but light colored skin or white shoes with dark trousers do not readily blend and will take the focus away from where it needs to be.

Hair and makeuuld look natural. If you desire to have a new hair style / cut prior to your portrait session, two weeks before the date is about the right amount of time to do so. Anything less than that could look a little off. This allows time for you to get those unruly strays into shape. If you normally do not wear makeup, you may not want to go all out on the day of your portrait. You want your photos to be as close to the "real" you as possible. Working with a hair and makeup artist can provide for better photos; however, you don't want to look at your photos and not be happy with them.

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